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L3M for bass guitar stage monitoring?

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Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the L3M as a bass guitar stage monitor?  I am about to buy a Helix and I would like a nice reference/stage monitor to go with it. 


My expectation is to have similar performance as a moderately powered 2-10" or 1-15" bass cabinet.


I have been playing with my guitarist's Helix and some 3rd party bass cabinet IR's. After a set, we tried the Helix with the bass patches we created and the sound/tone was very impressive through the PA.


His L2M did surprisingly well for it's size... but I would like comfortable headroom.


On paper, the L3M looks great!  I am curious of the L3M user's thoughts and experience before I make any decisions.

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Thanks. He is not my style but he is a world class bassist... and if he uses it, that says a lot!

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