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G10 Relay charging issues


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I have had my G10 relay on charge for the past 6 hours. Initially it was flashing green, which according to the blurb means that I have more than 30 minutes of use left. Well I have not used it but kept it on charge until I got a steady green light indicating that it was now fully charged.

When I just went to check the charging status it is now flashing red! I don't understand why that should be. Before you ask, yes the receiver is seated firmly into the transmitter. I have checked and double checked that. Can anybody explain to me what the hell is going on with this unit?



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Hi Johnny, 


Sorry to hear about this. 


Have you by chance performed a Firmware update? - If not, please update your G10 system by downloading the 'Line 6 Updater' ( ). Open the updater while your G10 receiver is plugged in via USB and update to the latest firmware update. 


Please let us know if this helps.



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