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reputable 3rd party presets


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Another 2 to add to the list has got to be:


Scott from the Helix Channel on YouTube (posting here as "sminchk67")


and Glen DeLaune (posting here as "gangsterusa")


Take your pick!

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can anyone recommend someone who has good pres?  BTW- i don't care about high gain djent-type stuff.  more interested in stellar cleans, crunches, and distorted sounds.


on another note, what is the snap shot function for?


Bear in mind you may need to make some adjustments on downloaded presets depending on what type of guitar was used to construct them and what type of output method they used (FRFR, traditional amp, etc.).  But they can be useful in helping you understand how to build your own presets.


As far as snapshots, you can kind of think of them as a collection of presets in a way.  Instead of individual presets you can take a single preset with different amps and effects and divide it up into a set of snapshots.  Each snapshot can affect a change in parameters or blocks used.  I personally don't have a need for them, but if you have some highly complex material that has lots of changes in dynamics, gain, and general feel during the course of the song they can be useful.  Also if you tend to just need a few key presets when you play, you can potentially incorporate them into a single preset with various snapshots and use them through the course of several songs.  But you have to bear in mind that a set of snapshots within a preset still have to live within the limits of DSP for a single preset.

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The great thing about snapshots is that this feature is what enables multiple footswitches to control the same parameter. For example, let's say you want to have a Clean' and a 'Lead' snapshot. When you hit the 'Lead' snapshot footswitch you can simultaneously turn on a distortion block but also turn up the 'Drive' and dial back the highs and presence on your amp block as well as for instance change the settings on your compression or delay. When you switch back to the 'Clean' snapshot all of the settings will go back to the ones that are more ideal for a clean sound such as the amp settings ('Drive' setting goes back down, presence and highs go back up) which now return to giving you a clean sound with a bit of shimmer on the high end that might have sounded ice-picky with your lead sound.

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