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Loose Black Rubber Cap?


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I picked up a brand new HELIX today!


A small (approx. finger tip sized) black rubber cap was loose inside the HELIX's sealed plastic bag. The cap was hanging on the Variax port's release latch.


Is this cap for the Variax jack? Or, is it for the recessed Treadle's adjustment screw? It seems to be more suited for the latter, yet it does snugly fit the Variax jack.

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AlexKneivel and Malhavok, did each of your Helix's arrive with that cap inserted in the Variax jack?


Oddly, a reply from Jim Roseberry on the TGP Forums, stated: "{t}hat rubber cap was originally over the XLR mic input."


Anyone from Line 6 have a definitive answer? Tony, Frank. Andrew, Ben, Eric?

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It is absolutely a Variax cap, no question. My Variax bass and original Variax guitar both came with the exact same rubber cap over the Variax jack. It said in the manual to keep that on there so you don't accidentally jam a 1/4" lead into it which will screw up the VDI contacts.

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