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Relay G10 symptoms of a empty battery?


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I have not encountered any (yet) with the G10 Transmitter.


Nonetheless, with digital transmission in this frequency band it is not atypical to encounter signal artifacts distortion, fizzyness, digital garbling, etc., and very quick dropouts as a digital signal's transmission and range is compromised by decreased transmission power level. Usable range can shrink as ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of the transmitter drops.


Perhaps most noticable may be a distinctly decreased operating duartion between full charge (Solid Green) and low charge state (Blonkng Red LED) indications. If this time frame shrinks noticably from the rated # hours of operation (8 hrs if I recollect correctly) the unit's battery may be faulty.

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Thank you. At the last rehearsal I started with exactly the same patches and master-volume settings as before and recognised a big difference in volume, right before the transmiter started to blink red. I will keep an eye on that. It would be a big no-no if battery weakness would lead to volume-loss.

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