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POD HD500X not being recognised by PC


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​Is anyone having issues with their POD HD not being recognised by their PC?

​This seemed to happen overnight, and I hadn't changed any settings.  When I run Line 6 Monkey it can't pick up the HD500X and although I've installed the latest drivers, it just doesn't seem to work.

​All my other Line 6 gear is being recognised perfectly (even my UX8 which is a lot older!).

​Any help, greatly appreciated!


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you can try this:


for 32 bits

for 64 bits


just unzip and launch with admin rights




Locate YOUR POD (if in list)

RIGHT CLICK and choose UNINSTALL this device

Reboot pc

plug the POD AGAIN


Hope it help you

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My POD HD500 is not detected in my windows 10 64bit pc.  I tried this and it didn't work as I wouldn't expect it would as the POD has never connected.  I bought it used.  I'm thinking maybe it is the USB port on the POD as I've read they can be an issue, but then again my computer detects something, it just says USB detection error.  So it knows something is there, but it just won't install.  Monkey doesn't show anything connected or drivers installed.  I have tried manually downloading the drivers and installing them, but my computer says that is not a valid driver for the device.  I'm at a loss. C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\Tools\Driver Archive\POD HD 500

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