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I've just bough a Spider V120 and connected it to my iPhone 6 Spider app. I was informed I had to install new firmware and guess what......the installation failed x 6. I then connected it to my iMac, installed the latest Line 6 software to enable me to install the new firmware and guess what.....the installation failed, although repeated several times!! If anybody can give me an idiots guide to successful installation of the Spider firmware I will be eternally indebted!!

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Did you try a factory reset? Sometimes, when updates fail, it might help. Follow the instructions on the thread below for Factory Reset and then try to update from your iMac again. I would stay away from updating through the app, as it is way slower and likely m,ore prone to failure than using your computer. Make sure that you have backued up all the tones you would like to keep using the Spider Remote app before the factory reset, as this will erase all tones back to defaults.




Relevant section:


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on the Spider V series?
A: Hold down the Home button to access the settings menu. Scroll down with the encoder to where it says Factory Reset. Scroll to the right and press the encoder knob to hit Yes.


That's the "idiot's guide" to Factory Reset, for updating the firmware, there if no "idiot's guide" other than to make sure the Spider V is recognized on your iMac and follow the prompts on Line 6 Updater. If that fails again, Factory Reset one more time and try another port on the iMac, preferably straight into the port and NOT through a USB hub. As a last resort, try another Mac or a PC, if you have one or can borrow one.


If all that fails, it's time to give Line 6 Customer Support a call and they'll sort you out.

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