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The Best My Dream Rig Has Sounded ! Great Tip

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I saw a review of the Pod HD 500 and the Dt 50 0n Guitar Player you tube. The guy was trying to get the line 6 rig to sound as good as an old 72 marshall. You have to turn up an old marshall to get the tubes cooking and it sounds great (no master volume on it). So his theory was to crank the DT50 0r DT25 Master in the same way to get the tubes working and use an Amp pre, in this cast the "Park 75 pre" in the HD 500 connected via L6 link to the DT50. So I tried it and the results were incredible. With the master turned down to 20 to 50 % the rig always sounds kinda Fizzy with a weird edge to the distortion, That I can't stand, but when the Master is cranked  to 75 to 100% this thing sings. Clean sounds are cleaner and Balls sounds are ballsier!  Now to control the loud volume just turn down the volume on the patch you are using but leave the Master cranked. if you're at home this could be quite a lot, but on stage just turn the volume of the patch, up to match the band volume and save it and your good to go. On the DT25 which I have, Class A = 10 watts and Class AB = 25 watts which i read somewhere . Give this a try It works insanely well. my rig has never sounded this good! 


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could you share some of your specific numbers? are you full volume or LVM? I've been using LVM with the full pod models and keeping the master on the amp at @ 1:30 o'clock. So far it's ok, but not blown away like I'd hoped...

Thanks for sharing-

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