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DT25 and Helix Preamp or Full Amp Models


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Hi there

I recently followed the advice of others and blanked out the DTs preamp configurations, leaving only the power amp section functioning.

I created some patches using just the preamp version. At home in my music room they have sounded fantastic. I worked up some patches for a show I am filling in for over the next few weeks and took the Helix and DT to a rehearsal last night.

Some of the patches sounded incredibly thin at that volume - nothing like the patches at home. I am well aware of the Fletcher Munson effect etc. I tried changing some of the sounds on the fly - on one I rolled the treble off completely and boosted the mids and bass and it still didn't make that much difference. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Would using a full amp model add more depth/weight/tone/nice stuff with this setup? Should I place an EQ after the preamp in the Helix and introduce some more body into the signal that way? Does the relationship between Helix master volume and DT master volume have any pronounced effect on the tone? Someone has suggested leaving the Helix fully open and using the DT master to control the level. Should the DT master be turned up to make the power amp stage work harder?


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I am a huge fan of using full amp models instead of just the pre-amp models.  No matter how I've used the pre-amp models they sound thin and feel stiff to me.  Even at all different volumes, I much prefer the full amp models. I've had the chance to play into a variety power amps and I cannot find a situation where I prefer pre-amp only.


When using the full amp models, the Master Volume control on the Amp block an important one to pay attention to.  It can change how you want the amp models to react with the physical power amp in terms of sound and feel.


Plenty of people recommend putting Helix at 100% volume.  The idea is that signal to noise ratio is better.  But I've never had an issue with the noise floor.  So I always set it around 70%.  That way I can go up or down if I am plugging into different backlines.  


With all that said, there is still preference involved here.  I have a friend who always uses 2 cab models run into each other and loves cab models run into physical cabs too.  Whatever floats boats.

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