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Global Setting - 8 Stomps


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Love the new Update! Finally a great SRV tone ( first time since my Vetta days!) with the Litigator and found a brilliant EVH tone from the Archetype using a Fremen IR!

I cant find the 8 stomp global setting which I use exclusively. Kinda forcing me to use Snapshots which I haven't used much yet. I have 4 shows this week....am I overlooking it (wouldn't be the first time) or is it gone?

Thanks for your help!

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I think you're confusing things. There are really two basic modes for the Helix out of the gate - Stomp and Preset - and you can toggle between them by using the Mode switch. In Preset Mode, you have a bunch of choices to what's displayed by using the Preset Mode Switches setting under Global Settings > Footswitches > Knob 2. But 8 Stomps isn't one of the choices there (it would be redundant since having 8 stomps in Preset Mode would kind of defeat the purpose of having Preset Mode). In Stomp Mode, you do have the choice of using 8 or 10 stomp switches, and that's another setting under Global Settings > Footswitches > Knob 3.


I said there are two basic modes, but there is also Snapshot Mode, and to get into that you have to hit the bank up and down switches simultaneously. So it's a little hard to get into it accidentally, but you may have, I suppose. If you have the Preset Mode Switches setting set to anything other than "8 Snapshots", and you're seeing 8 snapshots, you're actually in Snapshot Mode. To get out of it, hit the bank up and down switches simultaneously (just tap them once, don't hold them down).

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