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New JT 89F VDI cable stuck in guitar

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I bought the guitar last week, I have the 1.0 variax so I am familiar with the guitar and workbench software.  I installed workbench but the VDI won't recognize the guitar.  I searched through several threads but I don't see this issue.  I reinstalled and tried it again and still not green light for the variax but now the cable won't release from the guitar.  This is a 2 handed operation ....  I have multiple sclerosis and this is a very challenging task, but I believe the guitar may be faulty  

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Removing the VDI cable from my JTV59 is also a 2-handed operation.


In order to get the guitar working with the Workbench interface device you need a well-charged battery in the guitar and you also need to connect a 1/4" cable into the guitar jack nad have the Volume knob turned up. The cable acts as a power switch for the battery, and the Volume knob at 0 puts the guitar in sleep mode.

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** got the cable out...    whew .....    I missed this bit about the volume knob and sleep mode, so even if I have the lights "on" on the guitar if the volume is down I won't get 2 green lights on the VDI ?


Next question ....   I've seen this "well charged" ... "fully charged" ....  is there a light value on the back of the guitar when you push that little button..   currently at 2 but at 4 lights it didn't work either 


Thanks !!   ...  try it again after it charges 

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That's correct - you need the guitar to be 'awake' in order for it to be recognized.


Let the battery charge fully and then try again. Let us know how it goes.

still having a problem getting the software to stop saying "not connected" ...  I've been distracted playing the banjo setting  :) .  How good are these VDI cables?  That's my first guess .....   does a green light come on somewhere when that battery is fully charged?  The red light goes off..       done the software uninstall/re install twice .. line 6 monkey says everything is good.  Turned the volume control up and guitar on ...    I'm down to cable or java version which I also updated .... or something else guitar VDI socket?  ......    thanks :) 

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The "VDI cable supplied" is not a VDI cable.  It is an interface cable to go from the Variax (using the metal plug) to the little plastic dongle used for workbench and firmware upgrades (using the plastic end).


The plastic end is not supposed to be plugged into the guitar and is just a normal network cable plug. With the plastic dongle there is plenty of space to get to the simple retention clip and push it in, on the guitar there isn't the same space because it uses the far more solid XLR type retention mechanism.


You need to get something in there to push down on the plastic clip.  This site shows it fairly well in the first answer using is Bic pen lid (which is very unlikely to cause damage).

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