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Backing track play along


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I think the answer to the question is both yes and no... well, "it depends" :)


If your backing tracks have metadata (the data that shows up in iTunes describing the song, album and band), then the short answer is yes, it should find tones for you based on that metadata. If the BT does not have metadata, then the AmpliFi app has nothing to search for. If I remember correctly, I saw something in the forums that the more metadata that you have, the more "like" tones that it will find for you. Now it doesn't mean that the tones will necessarily "match" the BT, especially if the BT is in a different "style" than the original song, Think of searching for "Boys of Summer" and finding tones that will match the original Don Henley version and also tones that match the Ataris cover or the John Mayer live version.


So I would think if you BT has (or you can add through iTunes) the following info, you should be getting decent tone matches (decent defined here as "within the ballpark")


- Song Name

- Artist

- Album

- Guitarist (optional)


So, using your own example, if your BT metadata has in it the info shown below, it will maximize the chances that you will get a suitable tone for it:


Song Name: Comfortably Numb

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Wall

Guitarist: David Gilmour



There is "some" control within the AmpliFi app for skip/rewind (there's a slider to jump anywhere within the song if you like) but I haven't found anything I can use to "slow down" the track... then again, you can also play your BT from any app that will read your iTunes library and there are apps there that will give you more control over speed, pitch, A/B looping, etc. It's just that the AmpliFi app itself requires that you also select the song from within the app (even if you plan to play it from a 3rd party app) just so that AmpliFi can find suitable tones for it. Once you have downloaded your tones, you don't need to keep using the AmpliFi app to play the track if you would prefer a 3rd party app instead, but you will still need the AmpliFi app to switch tones unless you have a compatible pedalboard, such as an FBV3 or a Shortboard MKII.

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