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Impression after quick demo


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My main interest in this amp was to quickly get accurate tones for songs to play along with as I'm new and useless at creating my own. I currently have a Fender Mustang and find this awkward especially as it has to be plugged into a pc.

Loaded a pink floyd track and was quickly presented with a choice. Went for the one with stars and was very impressed with the representation plus sound quality of the 75. Also like the search function as wasn't aware of this and it's great to try a few tones out then quickly add to your favourites and rename them. I think it will be good to play along with my own backing tracks. Though probably through a third party app

As you can gather I am impressed but now onto some negatives that may be doable and ideas.


Interface is good but find the red on red icons hard to see.

Audio playback needs better controls. A loop function and variable speed would be great

Best of all would be a 'song' button where you could allocate four presets to different solos/rhythm tones and recall via a peddle switch

A standard USB on the back to charge your device would also be good but I don't know if the existing USB with adapter has power to already do this?

Price, this is relative I suppose and you do get a lot of bang for your buck but compared to the Fender series I would say it's a tad overpriced

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