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"lost" Top 6 Switch Line. Plastic "crown" Pieces Broken [x3live]

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Hi all,


I just tried my x3 live after a couple of weeks of not playing it and the whole top line of 6 switches is broken.

I opened it and I saw that these pieces  :


are broken, so the PCB wont stick in its place and the footswitches wont act on the microswitches.

Its those legs that are all broken on the 6 pieces !!!


Anyone had this issue before ? I read about problems with the microswitches and so but not like this one


Also is there any place I can find an affordable replacement ? $13 each is madness , times 6 its $78 plus shiping i'd rather get a new unit !!!



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Ok i found that these parts are called "light pipes". A better look here




You can get them here plus the footswitch :



and it is supossed that lin6 should cover these costs ?


There is some info in the older fórums but most of it are offline and it gets a real pain to put all this together

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