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Battery life?

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Sorry if this has been brought up before but I have had a JTV69 from new for about 15 months and the original battery has now died and refuses to take a charge. Inserting it into the charger sees the red light stay on for about 10 seconds then it goes off. Battery tester shows voltage of less than 1 for a few seconds then nothing. I have a 2nd battery which is working properly in both guitar and charger. I have only charged the battery about 12 times in this period as I have only used the battery power on a few occasions when I have used a guitar amp as I always use the VDI power cable from a Pod X3, HD500 and latterly a Firehawk FX. The failure is a bit disappointing but my reason for posting on the forum is not to have a go at Line 6 as I love the guitar and Firehawk and a dud battery can happen to anyone, just a pity it was outside of guarantee although it is probably not covered anyway. I digress; my question is if you use the JTV exclusively with a DVI power source from a pod etc. should you take the battery out of the guitar or does it make no difference? I might add I do not leave the DVI lead plugged in when not in use and always lower the volume pot to zero when not being played. Average use of the guitar is 15/20 hours per week.

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If I'm always using VDI cable with my Firehawk or Helix  - I remove the Tyler Variax internal battery during the gig  - never had a problem. 


Also I remove the internal battery when storing the Tyler Variax. 


There is a fair amount of "leakage current" in the Variax circuitry ( due to power steering diodes) , which translates into if you have a fully charged battery, and install it in the rear of the Tyler Variax, then put the guitar back into the gig bag for a couple weeks, don't be surprised to find the battery has died when you finally get back into playing. 


Also I once had a  Tyler Variax Battery that seemed dead - but I left it in the official Line-6 Tyler Variax AC charger for 24 hours and the Battery finally came back to life and is still working today.   

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If you are not using it you should not leave it in the guitar IMO. These batteries do die if they ever discharge too far. I think the Variax does discharge this battery at a very low rate when you are not using it. I think it will last a lot longer on the shelf.

Occasionally I'll use the JTV in the studio without the POD where the battery in the only option....but it doesn't take a full charge anymore, no matter how long its in the charger. Most I'll get is 3 lights when I put in in the guitar...thankfully, that's rare anyway. Battery lives in the case 98% of the time. Batteries in general just suck.

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