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What's your favourite Helix delay??


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I generally use two: The simple delay at the beginning, and then another that has some extra "flavor" immediately after in the signal chain. The simple delay does not color the tone and I usually have it set for tap tempo. The "flavor" delay after that is set to a time somewhere between 400-800ms depending on what sound I am looking for at the time. I can kick up the mix ratio and feedback on the flavor delay for ambient stuff. It gives you a lot more flexibility when using snapshots. 

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I think I better give this Adriatic thingy another blast.


I set up the Tape Delay for 350ms and about 24% mix with 3 repeats for general "this could use some thickening" Delay needs


I use the Elephant Man for 8th notes hooked up to tap tempo and a bit of modulation for things that have a "the delay is part of the riff" delay bit

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