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Guitars into Firehawk FX

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Hi Guys, new to the forum but have been aLine 6 user for many years.

I currently use a rackmount Pod Pro with full floorboard and a JTV 59, along with a 'normal' guitar live. I use an AB switching pedal to send one or the other guitar's signal into the POD.

I'm considering changing to a Firehawk FX, and was wondering if i could connect the JTV59 via the VDI cable to the firehawk, and my 'normal' guitar to the 1/4" jack input, and somehow switch between the guitars that way? Is this possible?

Also in my current setup i use another AB box to switch the guitars to the POD or to a seperate channel on the Mixing desk for Acoustic sounds from the JTV. How might this work with the Firehawk?


Finally, on the POD Pro i use the XLR outputs to the desk and 1/4" jack outputs to a stereo power amp going into 2 Marshall 1x12s, will i still be able to do this?


Many thanks for your advice!


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You can connect both your JTV59 via VDI and normal guitar via 1/4' to Firehawk FX at the same time. However, there is no way to swap which input is in use: both will be active at the same time. This could possibly be solved by turning the volume all the way down on whichever guitar is not in use.


Since the JTV59 is going straight into the Firehawk via VDI there were would be no way to AB the signal between the Firehawk and the mixing desk for acoustic sounds.


The Firehawk has both XLR and 1/4" outs so that would work the same as with your POD Pro. 

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Thanks very much for your reply, I'm guessing that i'll have to send Acoustic sounds from the Firehawk outputs then, create an Acoustic patch with EQ to get it to sound right.

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