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Helix Pitch Whammy


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Well, if by that you mean that the OP is looking for a pedal that specializes in effects only with no amp modeling because that's how he intends to use it, then yes. The pedal that the OP is looking for and what the Helix is are two different things.

Alls I was pointing out was that L6 has at one point designed fx-only devices, remember this?:


amp modeling has been Line6's focus from the beginning, not effects


That's what I quoted from you and that's what I'm talking about. Stop trying to convolute things please

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I voted for it at http://line6.ideascale.com/ I hope it gets implemented. I would likely re buy the Helix at that point, but don't know if I would have the funds by that point. I'm not going to sit around and wait for it to happen.

Voted as well. I own a Morpheus bomber and I would be happy if they can improve pitch shifter in Helix to be a bit closer to that. In Morpheus a pitch shifted chord is not 100% perfect, but the "artifacts" sound musical, whereas in Helix does not.

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I'd be happy if the Helix could outperform either Guitar Rig 5 or my Whammy IV in pitch-shifting, but it can't. It isn't unreasonable to expect a top-tier multi-effects unit to track polyphonically, since that's pretty standard now.


As for "Helix is for amp models and the FX are just a bonus" . . . well, Line 6 certainly haven't positioned it that way. Helix is your entire rig in a box!

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