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Stop Blinking Scribble Strips?


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When you're in stomp or half-stomps-half-snapshots mode, and you press the Bank button to load a different preset, the presets in the current bank show on the switches, and they blink until you pick one to load.


Is that what you're talking about? If so, that's normal, AFAIK.

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They stop when a preset is pressed but I just don't remember them blinking for the last two months and prior to the update...maybe it's just me.

Perhaps you have not reset the global setting that specifies how you want the up/down switches to behave. There are three options: Bank, Preset, and Snapshot. Only one of them -Bank- involves blinking because it's the only one that requires further specification.


When you press the Bank up/down switch you need to then specify a preset. The lights blink until you do. If the switches are set to Preset or Snapshot there is no second step required because in each case the device selects the adjacent up/down preset or snapshot.


Maybe all you need to do is reset the global from Bank to whatever you used to have it set to.

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There is a setting under global settings for Snapshot mode switches and the options are auto return or manual return.  If you usually have them set to manual return they don't blink and stay on the snapshot selection screen after changing the snapshot.  Autoreturn blinks and takes you back to the patch screen.  Drives me crazy that global settings are reset to factory defaults after updates.

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7 hours ago, adefields said:

Drives me crazy that global settings are reset to factory defaults after updates.



The easy fix for this is, after updating the firmware, simply restore your Global Settings from the backup which you made prior to updating.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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