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G30 interference with acoustic guitar and Baggs preamp


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I have the following setup:

Fender Deluxe Strat (USA)

Martin D28 acoustic with Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II under-saddle pickup

Fender Deluxe Reverb combo amp

Morley ABC switcher

SP compressor pedal

Fullton Fulldrive 3 Overdrive pedal

L R Baggs Para DI Acoustic preamp

Line6 Relay G30 wireless system


Using the Relay G30 feeding into the Morley switcher, I can route the Strat into either of the Deluxe Reverb’s channels – with or without the FX units - with no problems. However, when I change to the Martin, using the switcher to route it through the Baggs unit to the amp’s Vibrato channel, significant high-frequency interference occurs, which fluctuates as I move the guitar and wireless transmitter around. Using a cable from the Martin to the Baggs unit (i.e. no wireless), this does not occur. Either the Fishman or the Baggs unit is disagreeing with the wireless transmitter.


All advice/suggestions gratefully received.

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