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Px-2 Power Supply - Is The X3l One The Same As The Variax One


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Am I right that the power supply for the X3L is the same as as the Variax power supply?


My X3L power supply died while I was using it outside on an extremely hot day. It is clear that the power supply has died - but if I can use the variax supply to test the X3L then at least I will know if the X3L has died as well.





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Sounds to me like the power supplies are the same. This is based on the following descriptions in the Line 6 Store (see link at top of page)






The PSU that comes with the Variax is a PX-2g 9V AC, same as the X3.

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It's not the same power supply that comes with the JTV Variax though.


The X3L is 2000mA 9v AC, the JTV Variax is 1000mA 12v DC.  They are not compatible.

That's odd. The description of the Variax power supply in the store says it is compatible with the JTV guitars as well. It doesn't matter for John's purposes, but if there's an error in the published info we should look into it.

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