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Pre-set Channel Volumes - different issue...


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I've read the forums and understand that the channel presets have different volumes.  However, in my case when i switch from any channel to another, volume is out of control - as if everything is on "10" different.  I have to just barely touch the channel volume knob and the volume goes down to what I think should be "normal".   And I mean - barely - touch the channel volume knob - if that makes any sense.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Could it be a bug that maybe a firmware update fixes?   

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I've seen this problem addressed in another thread, tried it on mine, and it cured the problem.  As you noted, the presets appear to be set to a volume of "10" from the factory.  I also had a bunch of the effects audible in the "Clean" setting. To get the amp the way you want it, you have to save the settings you like by overwriting the factory presets. Here's what I did.

1.  Set "Drive", "Channel Volume", and "Master Volume", and both effects knobs all the way down (fully counterclockwise),

2.  Turn on amp, set to "Clean" channel.

3.   Rotate each effect knob from min to max and back to min. That turns them off.

4.  Turn the "Channel Volume knob up about halfway (12:00 position).

5.  Turn up the "Master Volume" knob to about where you think it ought to be for a reasonably low listening level. (I put mine about 9:00 position).

6.  Decrease the "Channel Volume" knob until your happy with the volume level.  Mine ended up between 10:00-11:00.

7.  Press and hold the "Clean " button until the lights flash 3 times. Your settings are now saved.

8.  Note the position of the "Channel Volume".  Select the "Crunch" channel (careful, its gonna be loud). Rotate the "Channel Volume" down just a few degrees.  It will suddenly drop the volume. Rotate it back to the same position it was in initially.  Press and hold the "Crunch" button until the lights flash 3 times.  Those settings are now saved.

9.  Repeat step 8 for the two remaining channels.


Now when you turn it on or switch channels, the volume will be consistent and reasonable.  What a relief! 

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aimhead has it correct - you need to adjust all the presets - these are basically starting points for you, and the overall tone will change depending on the master volume you are using.


As to the behavior when you 'touch' the volume (or any other) knob - touching the knob "wakes it up" and thus changes whatever parameter it controls to where it is currently dialed to.  For example, if the volume knob is pointing to 1, but the preset you have called up has the volume saved to 8, then the volume is going to lower drastically.

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