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Pod 2.0 recording issue ("noise")

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I have been recording rhythm guitar tracks using an American Standard Telecaster (fitted with Bare knuckle Piledriver pick-up) through Pod 2.0 into an M-Audio Fasttrack Ultra 8R and into Pro Tools 10.  I have good quality cables and an excellent laptop.


My issue is excessive "noise" being picked up.  The rhythm tracks are "Chuck Berry" style "chug-cher-chug" basically on the lower two strings (E/A).  The problem is every slight movement of any other string is being picked up ("rattling/scratching") and is really predominant.


The first conclusion is technique, but I have done this many times before and never had this issue, it has just started to do this.


I cant add a noise gate in Pro-tools as it is part of the recorded sound and hence the wave.  I cant EQ it out as it pulls the life out of the guitar sound.


I have turned down the output level of the Pod as much as possible and increased the input on the M-Audio to get a reasonable signal.  It helps a bit but not 100%. 


Q.  Is there something settings wise that can help to alleviate this?





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Those Piledrivers are quite hot output, maybe try backing off the volume knob on your guitar. Also try backing off the drive on the Pod if it's not detrimental to the tone. You'd be surprised how often there is less drive on a recording than you might think (tricks like doubling the recording often make a guitar seem heavier than was actually recorded for example).


However, the first thing I would check is the compressor. If it's on try turning it off, or if you want to use it, try backing off the settings a bit. It's possible that it may be reacting to those strings scrapes and exaggerating them.

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