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G90 dropping out


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Bought the Relay G90 in September and after a few shows it began dropping the signal...while live on stage.


I have read countless forum posts about this problem, spoken to Line6 on the phone, and have tried every single suggestion to fix this problem but no luck...countless hours wasted


It is so bad I can be standing in front of the receiver that is not even in the rack - 12" away and the signal drops in and out...and unfortunately for me and my band it happened in the middle of 3 live performances only a couple weeks after purchasing it new.


I have been asked to send it in for inspection/repair (and still have not received the return shipping label or info're using email here right?), but to be honest after reading so many horror stories about this particular problem happening with this specific unit I am apprehensive to rely on this unit again while on stage.


It is disappointing to say the least that money spent seems wasted...


If the unit is this universally flawed then Line6 should be replacing them no questions asked with units/models that do perform or offer a full refund since online purchases only offer 30 days for a return and the G90 system seems to tank within approx 30 days or less...


At this point I feel I have to wait for Line6 to send shipping labels so I can send it to them for a few weeks to be "fixed" so that I can go and trade it in on a different brand that will be more reliable for live performances....but in the mean time I am stuck with an expensive/useless unit and no wireless for live scheduled live performances unless I put up more money and go buy another model wireless system.

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