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Kinda in Helix Heaven right now


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... I don't know how much it is placebo effect but the Archon lead and Litigator amps have totally roped me in. I spent the entire day today in between chores just playing though the Litigator ( stock) with the Lead 80 Cab with either a 1" or 4" 409 Dynamic distance.... So buttery...Your guitar controls really play into these models. I love that....


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I just got around to updating tonight and I've been wildly entertained by the Litigator. What a fun amp! I had high expectations aftet all the recent chatter and I'm not disappointed. I've been playing my Strat into it and running the Double C12N 2x12 and the Lead 80 1x12 in parallel, just fantastic. The Tube Screamer and the new SD-1 both play very nicely with it.


To respond to Hideout's question, I've got two external expression pedals so the "EXP1/EXP2" thing has been a non-issue, and as yet I've never encountered the 1% glitch (knocking on wood...). I am using the new auto-bypass feature and that is really nice. No more separate footswitch!

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