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Tone Port UX2 Hardware Not Found Since upgrade to Sierra

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Hi all, i am new to the forum so apologies if i have posted erroneously. I need your help. I have upgraded my Mac Pro to the latest operating System Sierra. Now when i open gearbox it is saying No Hardware found even though the Tone Port UX2 is lit up (Power supply USB).

Two Questions

1. Has anyone else experienced this?

2. Is there a fix?


Thank heaps for your help in advance.  

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Same issue for UX1, Sierra has messed up my whole Mac, wish i'd never touched it!


I re-installed drivers from the official page which turned the red light to green, but my old Pod Farm application won't open due to a "problem occuring"


Is there somewhere to just re-install POD FARM? I donwloaded the Line 6 Monkey which i've no idea what it's for but it only gives me choice of picking Line6 PodEX which i'm assuming was the floorboard I had years ago... there is no UX1 showing.

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Hey TheoTizMe, i managed to get my Tone Port UX2 working last night. 

In the free software section of the website http://line6.com/software/

I selected the drivers software and downloaded even though it said no software available. 

It now finds the hardware and i am back up and running. 

As far as POD FARM i have no idea as i run Gear Box. I did see a restore factory settings option somewhere but im not sure if thats a good idea or not.

I hope you get yours back running. Its so frustrating when it stops working.

The joys of software based music. May be time to dust off the Marshall and mics. All the best  

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