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Uploading images - a little help?!

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Hi guys,


I want to upload an image or two of my new bargain purchase - a Tele clone with a vaxplant already done. Compared with my own vaxplants into Strat clones, this is a pretty schmick job. I won't actually pick it up til this Sunday (Sydney time), but I have a couple of images i got from the fleabay sale.

It seems I can only upload up to 27kb file size - what the??



I've uploaded images here before, so I obviously missed it - what changed?

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It's an "Attachment".

Go to the "Attached Files" function.

Yes, as I originally stated, I've uploaded images before using this process - now there's a 27kb file size limit.


I may not be the brightest in the class, but please, give me SOME credence...


So.... am I still missing something here?

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"I may not be the brightest in the class, but please, give me SOME credence..."---


No problem, just wanted to make certain that the bases were covered.


There were a couple of times when I'd select an attached file, then forgot to

click on the "Attach This File". I had selected it, but didn't lock it in. A "duh"

moment for me when that happens.

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Thanks guys - this is exactly what I'm referring to - I have used this feature numerous times before, and as you can see from the cropped screenshot I just took, it clearly states it's size limit. Luckily the screenshot is within the limit, otherwise I couldn't attach it for your discerning gaze!


Surely I'm not the only one that's being restricted in file size? Has anyone else actually tried this process recently - I can see you all know HOW to do it?


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When posting/replying, there is a button on far right bottom corner "More Reply Options" which shows the attachment feature you're looking for.  Otherwise you can use Photobucket or something else and cut/paste weblink using the "Image" icon above in toolbar above.

Cheers - I had been contemplating a 3rd party photo upload site, but in reality I'd never actually make use of it outside these here walls.

The fact is it used to be doable on this site, and now appears it is not.....

Must be a cost cutting measure, now that Yamaha have taken ownership, and their number-crunchers are looking for ways to save a buck. Rolls eyes. There - I've saved money on not using an emoticon.

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I think it has more to do with capacity of the servers.

As far as I know, Yamaha is not involve with Line 6 IT.

It isn't Yamaha's style to micro manage like that, it's not a Japanese thing.

They leave us alone for the most part. They're pretty cool that way.


Micro managing isn't their style in Japan, that's a corporate America thing and with their subsidiaries,...

... think Carla Fiorina when she was at HP.

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OK, so I've managed to answer my own question....


For those interested, "My Settings", and "Manage my Attachments", is where you go to see all your uploads. It seems once uploaded, a file is perpetually linked to your account, and there is obviously a pitifully low number which has been arbitrarily chosen to be your cutoff point, at which you need to delete something from previous posts (which then makes that post far less useful, particularly when we're talking about small mp3 files). :rolleyes:


You're welcome. :ph34r:

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