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Peavy and Friedman BE 100


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Hey guys,

Two questions :)

using the metalpack and since that time, i don't know how I shall deal with the Peavy.

It's a great amp but so much bass is going on there.

I use the amp in combination with the XXL-V30 cab.
So the result is a aggressive tone with lot of bass.

Normally, reducing the "boomy-spot" with a parametric-eq has always work (got it from MeAmBobbo's gudie). Also cutting 700Hz, making some room for drums with cutting 220Hz, 440Hz (graphic eq) works well.
You can also use the screamer in front of the amp to clean up the tone but...this time...these eq's (220Hz, 440Hz, 700Hz) will destroy the tone and the parametric-eq works only a little bit.

Normally, I try to create rhythm-patches for modern progressive metal (aiming for a distorted tone with mids which have dynamics and you can play also big 6-string chords).

Cutting the bass much on the amp makes him a knife.

Maybe someone knows to handle that beast or has some good tips?

The second question is:

Does someone know an amp on the POD HD which tone is similar or less similar to the Friedman BE 100?

Try to create some lead-patches (smooth,  reverb and without for reverb) to cover some parts of "Intervalls: The Shape of Colour".

I thank you in advance :)

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