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HD500, FOH great, Aviom, not so great

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So I recently started using an HD500 live for the purpose of making life easier when i play fill in gigs here around town.  It's much easier to load in with a guitar and board as opposed to my normal church rig that consist of a combo amp, 14spc rack and pedal board.


I guess the down side was that our sound tech at church loved it so much she decided that she didn't want my normal rig on stage anymore.  I was gracious and honored her wishes and began the process of trying to duplicate what my normal rig sounds like.  It is about 97% there...


...here's my dilemma.  The HD500 sounds great through FOH but absolutely terrible, fizzy overdriven transistor radio like through the aviom system.  I am using Shure SE415 IEM that sound awesome.


In regards to the monitor mix, the guitar by itself sounds fine, almost exactly what the house sounds like, the rest of the band, Keys, Bass, Acoustic guitar and lead vocal all sound great as well as individually.  Bring them all together and the guitar is the big loser in the group sounding distorted, fizzy and absolutely terrible to the point where after the first song i pretty much tear the IEM out of my head while the rest of the instruments sound normal.


I have adjusted everything i could at my end and the FOH has been doing what they can but no change.  Is there anything on the HD500 that needs to be addressed or is it up to FOH.  We have looked at the gain levels on the sub mix going to the Aviom and nothing out of the ordinary.


Confused and FRUSTRATED!

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Try using Lowpass/ Highpass on global EQ (100 Hz - 5500 kHz).

If it works try to roll out similar settings per patch.

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Much of this has to do with gain structure and reasonable eq'ing.


I've got mine to the point where FOH just leaves my channel flat with a bit of low end rolloff, and it sounds quite clear and sits well in the mix.

I've been using Avioms for about 13 years now, and I've never had a problem getting my POD's to sound great in them, but I also set up each preset in Pro Tools against other tracks, ie; drums, bass, keys, & other guitars, so by the time I get to a live situation, I'm already dialed in to sit within a band mix context.


I would consider sitting down with your church FOH person to dial in your presets/rig in that context.


I have my preferred presets for studio, and banks of them that have been tweaked slightly for live use, and I never use one bank in the other context.


I've also found that pushing the levels of less than ideal ear buds in the Aviom System can yield similar results.  I would steer clear of any single driver IEM earbud, and if I could afford it, go with nothing less than a 3 driver system and custom molded earpieces.  You just can't get low end to come through earbuds cleanly if you don't put out some $$$ on quality earbuds.  I think the headphone outs of the Avioms are on a different level than what you typically have coming from IOS devices & iPods, because any buds I've used that were made for those units sounded like trash in any church Avioms that I've used across 3 states.


For the longest time, I used my over the ears Sennheiser HD280-Pro headphones, and never had an issue.

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