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Desktop Effects Choice Assistance Required - is Amplifi TT for me?

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Hi All

I used to have a Guitar Port and them moved onto Tone Port UX1 and i really like the effects etc. Since then i moved onto a BOSS GT-001 but i am looking at the Amplifi TT at the moment as a replacement for this.


Looking at it I am not sure it fits my requirement


- I play guitar mostly at the desktop in front of my iMac

- My iTunes are on my iMac


Can the Amplifi be used in the same way as the Tone Port ie is there some sort of Gearbox thing that is available for the tone? If there is then this would be great. Not sure if the Amplifi can work as a soundcard 


Anyone use it for the same?



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The TT can be used as your soundcard.

It can store 100 presets, but currently there is no PC editor, you need an Android or iOS device for editing tones with the AMPLIFi Remote app.

The amp models and effects are based on the POD Farm series which is essentially what you had with the Toneport.

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