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More Me with StageScape and 4 channel headphone amp

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So, my headphone amp has a XLR Left / XLR Right, which I am going to hook up to StageScape Mains Out.

I am using L6 Link to run two L2t's - but, during practice, we just want to run headphones / in ears.


My headphone amp also has a 1/4" In Aux plug for each channel.


So, what I want to do is this:


Sum all drum channels plus bass and send them to Out D to go to headphone amp 4 1/4"

Rhythm guitar to Out C to headphone amp 3

Lead guitar to Out B to headphone amp 2

Vocals to Out A to headphone amp 1


If I can then adjust the volume of the outputs just on these A/B/C/D outputs, I should have the ability to drive "more me". 


Is this possible?  If so, can someone help and give me some leads on what to look at or how to approach this?


I'm a newbie to the M20d, but understand the concept of grouping (for the drums/bass).


Not sure how to vary the "out" levels on those main outs though, or how to send them to that, plus have an overall mix out as well.



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Outs A, B C and D are the monitor outs.


Each one can easily be set to receive a FOH mix by setting all the channel levels (for example to monitor A) to "linked"

Then for the channels you want "more me" of, increase the (monitor) level for that channel


When viewing the "MONITOR" screen, tap monitor A on the screen

You are now controlling channel outputs to monitor A.

In the row of buttons beneath the stage, set each channel to "linked"

Set the levels on each channel til the little upside down triangle goes green; in this state, the level is identical to that being sent to the main outs.

For "more me" on that channel, raise the level ABOVE the green triangle


Repeat after tapping monitors B C and D respectively


Then set the master output for each of your four monitor channels. This can be done in any of three places:

On "MONITOR" you'll see your 4 monitors as buttons in the control strip

On "PERFORM" you'll see your 4 monitors as buttons in the control strip

On "PERFORM" with "SHOW FADERS" selected, choose "Mains" from the options at top of screen, at which point you'll see fader style controls for your four monitor channels and the main outs.

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The only problem with using the only the Monitor outs compared with using L+R mains + Monitors is that the monitor outs will be mono while you can get a stereo field (that everybody shares) from the mains + more me through the Monitors sends (each is mono only).

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