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Bass amp models? (newby question)


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Hi all,


I've just ordered one of these (it arrives tomorrow).


I'm looking of info on its suitability for bass guitar too. So far all the info I've found is vague.


Does the unit feature bass guitar amp models?

Is the frequency range adequate for the low notes?


Grateful for any advice from you clever people!


- Nick.



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I'm about a week into this unit and I found a bass amp. There's only one as far as I can tell. It sounds pretty good w/my Fender Jazz. Wish there was more variety though. 

In the "American" pool- "1972 Silverface Bass â€“ Based on* a 1972 Fender® Bassman® Head paired with a 2x15 closed back cab loaded with JBL® speakers".



I also just discovered that this on the web page detailing all the amps and effects.

Tube Instrument Preamp â€“ This model was created to be a solution for plugging the output from an acoustic guitar’s piezo pickup or a bass. It can also deliver some tasty tones with a standard electric guitar. With the tone controls at 12 o’clock, the EQ is “flat.â€

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So far I've only REC'd two songs w/my bass into the Silverface. I finished up a RECing tday using the fx100 D/I pc. All tones off the fx100 here. REC'd two guitar tracks and a bass track D/I pc. There's a strange artifact present in the audio that wasn't there on my first RECing w/the fx100. Some funny pops. Organ is off Kontakt. Drums are EZ.


"Don't Shoot The Messenger"

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