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Unable to download POD HD500x Edit


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I'm unable to download the Edit software. I'm also unable to download Line 6 Monkey software. This is the error that it returns to me.



I've tried changing my DNS to as well and have attempted to download the file as well. After setting my DNS I did ipconfig /flushdns and restarted the computer. Help?



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I am having the same issue.  I tried to download Line 6 Monkey and POD HD500X Edit.  I tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  I opened a ticket on the issue.  I really want to fully utilize the HD500X I got recently.

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It's odd to see port 80 in the OP as I believe one has to login to download software and that means the default port would be 443.  80 would be a port when authentication is not required.  Did you login to the Line6 web site before trying to download or did you just enter a URL?  Also "/data" is not in the URL when one downloads software.  The download URL is something like this:  line6.com/getrelease?rid=nnnn

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POD HD500X Edit

        POD HD500X Edit Version 2.26
Released 4/9/15

Works with:

This version of POD HD500X Edit adds support for HD Model Packs. It also addresses a previous issue in which certain Deep Edit Parameters did not appear correctly.

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ( 36.92 MB ) Get Download



direct link (requires logged-in user)


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