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Original Variax Workbench Patch Exchange Area


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I have set up an area for "Pre HD " Variax Users to  exchange Variax Workbench Patches.

This includes all "Pre HD 2.0" Variax Electric Models:  300, 500, 600, 700, and All Tyler Variax models (Pre HD 2.0 )





The need for this became apparent after we set up a similar patch exchange area for the Tyler HD 2.0 Workbench Patches  I set up here:




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You should put all of these there:



I have a Zip file of all the Original Variax Workbench Dropbox patches here:




12 String Acoustic-2.vwm   

12 String Soft.vwm   

12-string Position 2 - 2011.vwm   

12-string Position 4 - 2011.vwm   

12Str Niew.vwm   



61 Melody Maker B.vwm   

61 Melody Maker N.vwm   

a - Mick Marz LP.vwm   

Acoustic-4 tuned.vwm   

Albert Collins Tele.vwm   

All Blues.vwb   

All Jazz.vwb   

All Pauls.vwb   

All Semi.vwb   

All Specials.vwb   

All Strat.vwb   

All Teles.vwb   

Aloha D.vwm   

Asus Lester Chime.vwm   

Bad Co Open C.vwm   

Bandaid Strat brid.vwm   

Baritone Standard.vwm   

Bass - Jumbo Acoustic .vwm   

Bass - Jumbo Acoustic.vwm   

Bass - Tele.vwm   

Bass EA - Semi.vwm   

Bass Model.vwm   

Bass Soapbar.vwm   

BBs Jazz Humbucker Bridge.vwm   

BBs Jazz Humbucker Neck.vwm   

BBs P-90 Bridge.vwm   

BBs P-90 Middle.vwm   

BBs P-90 Neck.vwm   


Been Awhile.vwm   

big yellow taxi.vwm   

Blonde Tele Neck.vwm   

Blonde Tele.vwm   

Blues Custom Bridge.vwm   

Blues Custom Neck.vwm   

Blues P-90 Bridge.vwm   

Blues P-90 Middle.vwm   

Blues P-90 Neck.vwm   

Bluesy Tele - Bridge.vwm   

Chime Bridge Middle.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 12.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 2 12.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 3 12.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 4 12.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 5 12.vwm   

Chime Dread Acoustic 6 12.vwm   

Chime Jumbo Acoustic 12.vwm   

Chime Neck Middle.vwm   

Chime-2 tuned.vwm   



Chmey 12 Tubes.vwm   

Cochran 6120 B.vwm   

ColdPlay - Gods Smile Db Tuning.vw    m




DADADD Acoustic.vwm   

Dag 335 body 2.vwb   

Dag 335 body.vwb   

DAG AcJ12 2 and -2.vwm   

DAG AcJ12 2 and 2.vwm   


Dag J90s.vwb   

DAG JAZZ 1.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 10.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 11.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 12.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 13.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 14.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 15.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 16.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 17.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 18.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 19.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 2.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 3.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 4.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 5.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 6.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 7.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 8.vwm   

DAG JAZZ 9.vwm   

Dag Lester Bucks.vwb   

Dag LipSticks.vwb   

DAG LP CustomSG 1.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 10.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 2.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 3.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 4.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 5.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 6.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 7.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 8.vwm   

DAG LP CustomSG 9.vwm   

Dag Strat body.vwb   

Dag Strat Single Coils.vwb   

Dag TBird body.vwb   

DAG WIDE A1.vwm   

DAG WIDE B5.vwm   

DAG WIDE D3.vwm   

DAG WIDE E4.vwm   

DAG WIDE F2.vwm   

Danel Baritone.vwm   

Dano Neck Hodad.vwm   



Dirty Bass.vwm   

Double Fat Strat 1.vwm   

Double Fat Strat 3.vwm   

Double Fat Strat 4.vwm   

Double Fat Strat 5.vwm   

Double Hum Lester - Bridge.vwm   

Double Hum Lester - Bridge2.vwm   



Dual Octave Split.vwm   


dust my broom.vwm   

Epi Sheraton B&N.vwm   

Epi Sheraton B.vwm   

Epi Sheraton N.vwm   

Epi Sheraton Phase.vwm   

Epiphone Sheraton.vwm   

ernieball- luke.vwm   


Famous Guitars.vwb   

Fat Bridge Strat.vwm   

Fat Bridge Tele 2.vwm   

Fat Bridge Tele.vwm   

Fat Strat 1 Neck.vwm   

Fat Strat 1.vwm   

Fat Tele Bridge Middle.vwm   

Fat Tele Bridge.vwm   

Fat Tele Middle.vwm   

Fat Tele Neck Middle.vwm   

Fat Tele Neck.vwm   

Fender Bass.vwm   

Fender Elec 12.vwm   

Firebird P90 B.vwm   


Funky BassNShimmer.vwm   

Gentle Jumbo 12.vwm   

gibson dbl neck.vwb   

Gibson Majesty.vwm   

Gibson SG.vwm   





Jazzbox Bass 1.vwm   

Jazzbox Bass 2.vwm   

Jazzbox Bass 3.vwm   

Jazzbox Bass 4.vwm   

Jimi's Strat B&M.vwm   

Jimi's Strat B.vwm   


Johnny A Bridge Neck.vwm   

Johnny A Bridge.vwm   

Johnny A Neck.vwm   

Jumbo 12 not.vwm   



Killer Baretta.vwm   



La vida loca.vwm   

Les Neck Tubes.vwm   

Les Paul Oct Up.vwm   

Lester-4 [1].vwm   

Lester-4 [2].vwm   

Lester-4 [3].vwm   

Lester-4 [4].vwm   


LEX fave quack.vwm   

LEX strat neck.vwm   

Low E High E Paul.vwm   

LOW E.vwm   

LP Special Drop 6.vwm   

Macca's Esquire.vwm   


Martin HD-7.vwm   


N'ville Hi-Strun.vwm   

Nashville Tuning.vwm   


Neal Red.vwb   

New AC Guitar.vwm   

P Bass.vwm   

P-90 12.vwm   

Peter Green Burst.vwm   

Piccola L-Paul.vwm   

Pocker Stacked Robben.vwm   

PRS 1st.vwm   

PRS 2nd.vwm   

PRS 3rd.vwm   

PRS 4th.vwm   

PRS 5th.vwm   

R-Billy 2 Coils.vwm   

R-Billy Neck Coils.vwm   


RainSong D28.vwm   

Rick 325 Bridge Neck.vwm   

Rick 325 Bridge.vwm   

Rick 325 Neck.vwm   

Ron Huisen - Creativity Bundle  .v    wb

Sassy Sizzle.vwm   

SG Bridge.vwm   

SG Neck.vwm   



Snarky Les Jr.vwm   

Souped Up Les.vwm   

Spank Lipstick.l6c   

Spank-1 Long Distance Lowell.vwm   






Strat JB Bridge.vwm   

Super Guitars.vwb   

sweet judy.vwm   

Sweet LP Neck.vwm   

T-Stacked Mid.vwm   

Tele hum neck.vwm   

Tele JB Bridge.vwm   

Tele Neck Tubes.vwm   

Tele Strat.vwm   

Tele Thinline P90 Set.l6c   







USE THIS LP.vwm   




Yacce E_Fis.vwm   

Yacce mute.vwm   


ZZ Gibbons Custom .vwm  

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After 6 weeks - So far only 21 downloads  - I assumed there would be a lot more activity  / interest from on these free WorkBench patches for all Variax owners.


No wonder Line-6 excludes Variax Workbench patch sharing at Custom Tone 

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Hi Guys n Gals

In February 2016 I bought a pre-loved Variax 700 electric in blue with PSU and power pedal. Also separately got a new Workbench interface from Yam UK. Downloaded the HD software in my ignorance, found it wouldn't work but the pre HD does with the 700


I have had a bit of a tinker around with W/Bench and its pre HD software.

Now I want to know about tone patches, is it just a matter of saving them to my WIN10 PC then loading them into W/bench and then copying to my 700, button up / button down etc.


May main music line is playing chords / rhythm in a ceilidh (Barn/Square) dance band in Northern Lincolnshire, England. Usually on a brilliant Freshman 12string acoustic with soundhole pickup. I'm getting a little tingling in my fretting index finger so wanted something with a slightly narrower fretboard but equally B-I-G sound. The 700 seems to fit really well.

Another band I help sometimes, needs a more electric type of sound. Guess what, the 700 scores again.


All the best and many thanks in advance

and apologies if I posted in the wrong zone



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  Hello all.

   I am brand new to the group and I just purchased a used Variax 500 with a POD XT Live. I am using an HP laptop with windows 7. I have downloaded the workbench program as well as line 6 Monkey and have connectivity from the PC to both the Variax and POD XT. i upgraded the Version on the XT and tried to reset the Variax back to the original patches but only succeeded in losing all of the patches.


   I found your website (Thank you) and the patch exchange and tried to upload the patches (Bundles) into the Variax with the POD XT. IF I use the Sync feature, I get an error message telling me that the Variax is not responding. Workbench suggest I power off the XT and power it back on, go back into workbench and hit refresh. Doing this shows that the program is writing to the Variax but after it is complete I still have no patches. The Variax was working with no issues and the XT seems to be fine. I have all of the normal amps and effects working. Sorry to be so long winded but I am a technician and hope this explains everything. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.






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Hi, you sound like someone that can help me. I have been trying to reset my Variax 300 to factory sound set but with no luck, in fact it has totally earsed my sounds completely  and my guitar is now voice of all patches and plays just one sound on all presets. I have the latest and last version of Workbench and Monkey and I have updated all drivers. When I run Monkey there is no Reflash option to do a factory reset, so I tried replacing the bundle in Workbench using the default bundle there but no joy. What am I doing wrong.


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Does the Fender Bass setting for the Variax 600 sound the same for both the 4 string bass and the Fender V1 Bass or do I need to use workbench to try and create a new model and as I want to try and get the sound Duane Eddy had using a Fender V1 that is an octave down from standard tuning does that setting also drop the tuning a full octave ?




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You have to be a member of the Roland VGuitar Forum to download these. Is there anyway to get these without having to join Roland VG Forums?


You can buy them from the dude in Czech republic who joined VGuitarforums for free,  then downloaded our shared  Variax Workbench files  and is now selling them for $10 on Ebay for a profit  ( not me) 






or hit up Ideascale


and petition Line-6 to do the right thing and add a Variax Workbench User to User Patch exchange area at www.customtone.com

( but after  12 years of Variax ownership , I see Line-6  remains ineffective and not interested in pursuing this dream.


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