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Workbench HD to boost output of JTV mags

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I'm pretty new to Variax, but stumbled across something I thought was cool.  Sorry if this is a repeat.


I was doing a lot of research about replacing the pickups in the JTV-69 because the stock mag humbucker simply wasn't hot enough.  The modeled pickups are just a tiny bit off to me on the high gain bridge pickup stuff.


But I just discovered that in Workbench HD, I was able to simply boost the output +6db and set the mix to 100% mags.  I have this set in the Custom 2 bridge slot.  I can kick the boost in and out by pressing the model knob.  It sounds really good and drives my real amps and Helix much better when needed.  Then back to vintage-style gain when desired.


I know I can do this with a gain block in Helix and snapshots, but I kind of like having on the guitar.  Also, for some reason it takes all +12db Gain block boost in Helix to match the +6db boost in the Variax, and the Variax boost sounds better to me.

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I think the reason it takes +12db in Helix and only 6 db on the guitar is because 100% Mags is added to the modelled signal (= +6db as signal is doubled) and then you are adding an additional 6db with the level control for a total of +12db.


Cool idea though - I may use it as a custom pickup position  

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