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New Firehawk 1500... Line 6 Updater is not seeing it.

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I want to update my FH1500 (current version 1.0.0).


I turned on the amp (brand new... I have not registered it yet as I may exchange it... the cabinet corner is crushed), connected it via USB to my Windows 10 laptop, and launched Line 6 Updater (v 1.10).


The Updater prompts me to sign in, then tells me to "Select Device to Update", but there are no products listed.


Do I need to register the FH1500 before I can update or is there something else going on?


EDIT -- I just checked USB connectivity on my laptop, it says there is a "driver error" for Firehawk 1500. I was able to install the driver and the FH is currently updating.


Pulled the trigger too soon on this thread.

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I was having a difficult time with it as well. This is what worked for me...


1. Opened Line 6 Updater.

2. With Firehawk connected via USB cable, I turned it on and then Updater showed Firehawk on its screen.

3. From there I followed prompts and it updated within a few minutes.




Hope this helps.

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