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spider iv 75 amp, makes a POP sound and stops working


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I have spider IV 75 amp.

After being on for few seconds to couple of minutes, it makes a loud POP sound (from the speaker), then it no longer makes any sound.

This can be repeated by turning the amp off and then on again.


anyone know what's wrong with it?

i'm guessing it's a hardware issue, i was wondering if anyone know which part is faulty.


I do not live anywhere near a repair shop.

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I am facing the same problem with a spider iv 30 w. My friend was playing and suddenly ... No sound... Nothing working... You can and move any knob and nothing happens...

According to some videos from YouTube maybe the problem is caused by a overheating of the processor of the amp, so you should use some pieces or fan etc to dissipate the heat.

But i am not sure about it when talking about the IV series...

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I have the same thing on a spider IV 75, it seem there is a general reliability issue with this amp. I precise that the screen and preset selection works properly during the breakdown, as well as the volume rotactor. I suspect the motherboard. the temperature on the surface of the DSP and other components look correct, less than 30 °C. I have also a regulator 7906CT delivering -5.9 instead of -6,8V indicated on the board to check. this is strange when the amp has been switched off a long time , the amp can work 5 min, before cutting off the sound. (no sound on the headphones output as well then). when the amp is turn on again just after that, it cuts off the souns some seconds after. it seems it needs some time to recover .. :-) that could make me thinking about a capacitor issue ? I also suspect a quartz to be half broken, I will still investigate and let you know if I can find any solution

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