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Is it possible to get a global volume pedal without making an object in the chain?

When having an object in the chain it always saves the current volume setting.

Having problem with this sometimes! 

Perhaps I get used to it!




This situation is easily remedied. If you have the floor Helix you can use a volume block in any preset and set the Global Settings --> EXP Pedals --> 'EXP 2 Pedal Position' parameter to 'Global'. This will allow the Helix's internal expression pedal to correspond to the current position of your expression pedal in any preset rather than a saved preset value for the volume block.


External volume pedal options would include using one in a send/return or in-line before or after the Helix. Ultimately I think what you really want though is just to change the setting I referenced to 'Global'. This should configure things the way you want them.

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