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Using Spider Jam With A Modeler Pedal


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Does any one use the Spider Jam with a modeler pedal (Pod HD, Fender Mustang Floor, etc.).  If so, how do you set the jam up?  Do you use the AUX in or MIC in?  Ideally the best way to go would be to be able to output through the 2 way speaker system in the amp since the modelers sound best through a PA or powered monitor.

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   I've have the HD 500, X3 Pro, UX2 and like all of them. As for settings I try everything I can. Obviously there's always a standard for connecting these devices, but you really got to try for yourself. I have good results with just plugging in at the guitar input, turning the Drive up 'till it starts to distort then back it off slightly, Tone Stack to 12 O'clock, Master Volume to 12-9 O'clock, the Volume to around12 O'clock. Then with the modeler I turn the Master to 9-full open, then adjust the volume and then set up effects.

   Always start out with the master volume on the modeler in off position and work your way up. With everything off I plug in the left mono on the modeler into the guitar input on the amp, plug in the guitar into the guitar input on the modeler, make sure the masters are turned all the way down on both the modeler and the amp, then turn the amp on and then plug in the modeler. Everything is running now so turn the Master on the amp up to 12-9 O'clock then turn slowly turn the Master up on the modeler (I test plucking the 6th string with the guitar volume and tone knobs all the way up) 'till I get the sound I want.

   This is just how I do it, I never unintentional noise If you get what I mean. If you make a change while setting up a tone in the modeler and your worried it might be too loud jut turn the master down and work back up on the modeler. I hardly touch the amp adjustments other than the drive after the initial set-up. Oh, I'm in an Apartment so I never want unintentional noise, lest I become that evil guitar player in the community, LOL.


ADDED: I use the "Combo Front" setting in the modeler settings and check and make sure the "Lows and Highs" are set to FLAT. When I use XLR into the Mic on the amp I use Studio Direct. When using either the AUX or Mic (XLR) inputs I always turn the volume's down (in the amp settings "Inputs Level button") and work my way up. The little switch on top the HD 500 that says 1/4" out set to AMP.


Things in bold have been updated since original posting.

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