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Happy Helix


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I just wanted to make a quick post that was not inspired by pissed off negativity or a rant about firmware 2.xx.


I have been using Line 6 stuff since the beginning. My first was the AX212 modeling amp, and have/had M13, M5, PODs, etc...


I've had my Helix for a couple of months now. I am a non-professional hobbyist church worship band musician. We run all stage sound isolated at church. I made the plunge and am using only the Helix on stage, direct, with in ear-monitor system for the entire mix. The Helix is PERFECT for my situation. I needed a huge variety of tones/sounds/effects. It is not feasible/affordable to have multiple amps/effects to try to attain the variety of sounds needed. I can get nearly ANY sound I can imagine if I tweak long enough. Also, Snapshots takes tonal variety to the next level within just a single song. I have a preset for each song that we do, so consistency is automatic. I am also a family guy that needs to play at home through headphones more than 1/2 of the time. I also dabble in a little recording, which is made so simple on the iMac with the USB interface. 


I don't buy even 10% of the equipment that some of you guys do, but it is hands-down the best investment I have made in a piece of music equipment considering my personal needs, EVER. I guess I'll have to start looking into getting a Variax now...


Cheers and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. 



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Well said, and a Merry Christmas to you too.

I use mine for home recording and just saves so much time.

Being able to put Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar through the Helix and get some great tones is the biggest step forward for me.

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I believe that despite all the griping we get around here and that I know I'm personally prone to it, I and most users here do love the sounds that we get out of the Helix. I think that it's so good that when it does throw us a curve ball, it's kind of a shock. It's like you're going along and everything's going, "brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, then suddenly ... wtf?"

Still mostly, it's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Jolly Festivus, etc.

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I do have to keep in mind that this is a Line 6 forum, and a lot of us are putting ideas/gripes out on here knowing that Line 6 R&D ideas are coming from this very forum. Sometimes a gripe spelled out here may turn out to be a new feature in the next firmware version.


Just trying to keep things positive...

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