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Pod Studio Kb37 Flash Memory & Other Problems

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Im running on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Ableton Live 8 Suite and having problems with the inputs with KB37. The device works well as an audio device, plays beats and audio, and responds to midi (keyboard works), but I can't get the inputs working. The mics and guitars connected are simply not responding, and the analogue volumemeters don't move at all.

When I try to update the Firmware with latest version of Monkey, on Flash memory installation it gives error "Code 80007204 Hardware device failed to enter update mode" (when I replug the device in the part instructed). If I don't replug, but press cancel instead, it starts to download and install the software but gives error "Code 80007209 Firmware version verification failed."

I have tried different ports and cables. I have also re-installed all possible apps, drivers, firmware, and even monkey itself.

In Monkey it says that the version of Flash memory of Firmware is "unknown", though the latest seems to be 1.03.

(I wonder if I could somehow get some older versions of flash memory firmware and try if they'd work?)



Here are some screenshots:

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Glad you got it sorted.


FWIW, POD Farm 1.12 replaces Gearbox and is free (POD Farm 2.5 is not free for older units).


But if you have a new POD Studio (black-faced) it most likely is bundled with the POD Farm 2.5 license, albeit tied to the device.

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Im having the same problem, but as the fix wasnt posted here it wasn´t much help to me.

OS X 10.9
TonePort KB37
GearBox 3.72
Line 6 Monkey 1.65


I first updated the TonePort to 1.08, but ever since, its been gone from that list. The flash driver is actually ver. 1.00 but after attempting an update, it´ll tell me it doesnt know.

Restarting the mac solves this, but the KB37 still wont work. And the error "Code 80007204 Hardware device failed to enter update mode" still appears whn i try to update flash.

Please help!



Screenshot of Monkey with the driver versions:



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Someone please help! I got a TonePort KB37 - and i just realized POD studio KB37 might be something completely different? My flash memory is ver. 1.00 and the sound is working, but if i try to record either a guitar or microphone, the sound is crackling. Like..unusable. I really need help to sort this because i use the TonePort and Logic studio for my school-projects. I still use GearBox to make the setup work in Logic, even though it seems I´m supposed to use POD farm (?). I Installed the free version of POD Farm 2.5, but it doesnt seem to help.




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you likely need to adjust buffer size in sys pref, to help with the crackle...

but you need pod farm 1 (2.x is not a free upgrade)

but yes... toneport and pod studio are different... primarily the licenses though... hardware is the same as far as i know... other than redface/blackface difference.

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