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X3 Live Malfunction When I Move It

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Hi, I just noticed another issue with my x3live unit.

When I move it, even just a little the screen goes blank yet the power is on . Well it would be more like stays orange color you know.

It starts ok when i power it on, it fails only when i move it.

I've read many posts with a similar problem but in all of them they got the blank screen when starting the device.

Any clue what the issue could be ?

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Hi man, thanks, yes that seems like it.


Besides, in further testing I left the x3 some time on and after a couple of minutes it gets the same blank screen. If I keep powering it on, it gets that blank sooner and sooner, and if i leave it some time to rest it takes longer.

So Im guessing some power issues and/or maybe with condensers ?? Along with the connections ...


Is there any schematic so I can try to fix this ? Maybe measure V in some points ...


Having it repaired in the official tec i assume it would cost more than just buying a used replacement unit :( plus havent found any in my country

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