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Spider IV 75 Amp w FBV Shortboard MKII. NO WORKY WORKY

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Hi All,

New to the forum. I have had my Amp setup for 3 years now. I bought a new (secondhand) guitar that has renewed my enthusiasm to pick up a guitar again. It seems though there are other plans afoot!


I jumped online to see if there were any updates for the pedal and amp and sure enough there is!


First thing I did was renew my password to login (as I forgot). Then I made sure I downloaded Line 6 sotware: Licence manager, Monkey, FBV controller & Spider Edit to my Macbook Pro.


So I had everything powered off. 

I plugged in my Cat cable to the Amp & Pedal.

I plugged in the USB between the Mac & Pedal.

Turned amp on and powered laptop and logged into Monkey.

Monkey found the devices and found the updates required so I downloaded those.

Then right at the end of the update it came back with an error message about making sure cables

are connected. (which they obviously were as everything was initially talking to each other)

Then the amps display said 'Downloading'. So I thought it must have gone through.


It said downloading for over an hour so I thought, these are only midi files, they ain't that big!

So I tried to reinstall and then it said in the on screen software under Device Firmware, 'Unknown'.


I restarted everything again but when I switched the amp back on it still came up with 'Downloading' It was at this point that I knew something had gone wrong for sure. I did a hard reset and cycled the pwr. Nothing.


I searched the forums and found the factory reset. I have done that and now all the amp says is 'Ready to Install'.

(which I tried but just get error messages about the firmware)


If anyone knows a fix for this please please respond.


Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only hope! 







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