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Anyone using the Friedman ASM with their Helix? Thoughts?


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Hey guys, 


I used to have the Friedman ASM-12 when I used to have the Axe FX 2, but that is long gone since. I'm about to buy one for my Helix and was curious to get people's thoughts on what they though of it?  


How does it sit in a band mix?  

Anyone using it for live shows (big or small gigs - doesn't matter)?

Other than it's awkward size and handle positioning, how do you find it overall, tone/sound-wise? 


Any input is welcomed  :)



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i'd imagine it functions pretty simillarly with the helix as with the axe fx.?


Dunno man.. that's why I'm asking   :)   


In my previous experiences with it, I don't think it was completely flat response as per se, which was one of the things that I liked about it. But that was well and truly before Fractal went QUANTUM with their firmware updates and obviously before I bought my Helix. I wonder how it sounds now, given that I have a Helix, and given that we've had a few firmware updates.  I too imagine it won't be too different from the Axe-ii, I just wonder how it'll sound in a band mix, how it goes in gigs etc etc. 

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I'm thinking about selling mine because I use my powered coaxial monitors more. However, it sounds great with the Helix, just a little hair darker (as it is with anything you plug into it).


I used it with AX8 and Axe FX II XL+ before I got rid of them, too. So if you liked the Friedman ASM-12 with Fractal, you should like it fine with Helix.

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