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No input level when using Pod Farm 2 as a plug in on a previously recorded dry guitar track

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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me.

I was bought a UX2 for Chrismas which I am now using as my interface when recording in to the DAW (I use reaper).

Pod Farm 2 works fine as a stand alone program as in I can hear it and modify tones etc...

I have managed to record the wet and dry tones into reaper but when I come to add Pod Farm as a plug in effect to the dry track I encounter problems.

I can select Pod Farm 2 as the plugin and it opens the User Interface but there is no input signal showing in Pod Farm. I can hear the dry guitar signal playing back but there is no input showing on the meter in the plugin and no matter what presets I select no effect is added.

Ideally I want to record dry tracks and add/tweak effects later so am eager to work out how to add these effects to a dry guitar track.


What am I doing wrong? Is something routed incorrectly in either PodFarm or Reaper? Can someone help?

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I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to apply pod farm to dry tracks. I recently bought a kb37 used, and that's how I acquired pod farm. When I insert pod farm as the plugin, I get this message:


"No authorized device

An required device is either not authorized or not connected.
Pod Farm's GUI will operate during this session, but the plug-in will not process audio.
Please connect your iLok or Line 6 hardware and restart the application.
Click anywhere to dismiss this message."
I have the kb37 plugged into the computer.
What is the license manager you mentioned?
Thanks much in advance!

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