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Routing question from a new TT user

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Just got a Line 6 TT for Christmas but I'm having trouble connecting things how I'd like.


Question: doe the TT have to connect to my home hi fit via a hard cable? My hi if amp has Bluetooth and I can see the vice and connect to it ok using the iOS app. I can even play jam tracks through the hi fi. And I know the TT is hearing my guitar ok because I can get audio from the guitar through the headphone out on the TT.


So to recap, jam tracks through the hi fi: all good. Guitar through the headphones outs on TT: also good.


Can't hear guitar through hi fi.


The blend knob is on about 50%


Im using an iPad mini. Am I missing a trick here?


Many thanks

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Hi Dayo007,

as far as I can see, the Bluetooth unit of all Amplifi models is only receiving audio (from your iPad), not sending it. That means, you can send playback jam tracks from the iPad to the TT while editing sounds at the same time via Bluetooth. But to get the sound (both guitar and jam tracks) you hear on your headphone over your hifi system, you will need to connect a cable (or two if you want to have stereo).

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