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How many hours does the Battery last on Spider V Wireless?


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Are you talking about the battery in the G10T? If so, I read somewhere that on a full charge, you can get at least 8 hrs (if new, batteries tend to lose charge capacity with age, so YMMV).


Assuming a full charge, you should have more than enough to get through a 4hr gig, assuming the G10T is in good shape.


Found it...



The relevant part:

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: On average, a transmitter with its battery in a discharged state has given the following results when tested:

  • 15 minutes of charging gives at least 1 hour of run time
  • 30 minutes of charging gives at least 2½ hours of run time
  • 3½ hours of charging (full charge) gives at least 8 hours of run time
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