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Using Firehawk 1500 with powered Kemper Head


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First time poster here so please go easy!


I've been a fan of Line 6 products since the late 90's and have owned various products over the years. I recently got a powered Kemper Profiling amp but looking into the FRFR vs Cab debate just leaves me feeling dizzy as its all opinion/interpretation. question is this: Can you bypass all the effects etc on a Firehawk 1500 and simply use it as an FRFR speaker output for the Kemper? Bearing in mind that both units are 'powered', I wouldn't want to blow either device to bits! According to a few guys I've spoken to at various music shops, you can bypass the effects on the Firehawk but how would I connect it to the Kemper to simply use it as an FRFR speaker outlet given that it is also powered?


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You can use FH1500 as active FRFR speaker. Simply connect Kemper's Main out with FH's Monitor in.

Doing so, you use FH's power amp only, Kemper's power amp is not used. I do not know any way to use FH's speakers bypassing FH's power amp without hardware interventions. Do not connect Kemper's speaker out with any of FH's jacks.

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