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High Pitch Whistles On Pod Studio Ux2

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Hello everyone,


I recently got a POD Studio UX2 last month and it was working fine until a few days ago.

I'm kinda new to guitar and stuff so I'm not too informed with all these technical things, guitar or audio interface-wise.


So basically when I plug in the guitar to my UX2 and open POD Farm, I hear like whistles (even when not touching the guitar).

The volume of those high pitch whistles are louder when I put the setting in a higher gain preset (metal presets).


Before I got the UX2 this problem occured to me once when I was using the line-in of my PC.

But I decided to ignore it and it went away after a while. I don't know why or how it fixed itself.


This is really getting annoying, because I was planning to record myself.

But what I did before asking this here is researching it on Google, but I can only find people having issues with their guitar amps, not on an audio interface.

So maybe I thought they do link together, or maybe it's something totally different.


But either way I haven't found a solution that I can understand.

So if anyone here is capable of helping me, I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you in advance.

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I monitor the sound through 2.0 surround headphones.

And I use Audacity to record my stuff, but when I use other recording software, such as Mixcraft (trial mode), the same problem occures.


Thanks for the reply.

Could be feed back.


How are you monitoring the sound?


What are you using to record?

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