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Helix S/PDIF Input = No Playback


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I received my Helix today (woo) and have a problem (boo).


I can't seem to get S/PDIF coming from my ESI Juli@ XTe to play to any of the Helix's outputs (headphones and 1/4" L/R are what I'm trying to use).


I have the Global Settings set to S/PDIF instead of AES and 96kHz, and the ESI is outputting 96kHz. I can get USB ASIO to play through the Helix outputs, just not S/PDIF (which is really what I'm after).


I have a proper 75 Ohm coax cable from Blue Jeans.


My PCIe interface works great with my external DAC and Axe-FX II XL+, but the Helix isn't working with it. Any idea what's up?

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